Speaker Announcement: “Beyond Resilience – Laying the Foundations of an Education Young People Really Need” – Robert Thorn

The third plenary to be announced for The 13th Asian Conference on Education (ACE2021) is titled “Beyond Resilience – Laying the Foundations of an Education Young People Really Need” from Robert Thorn of Developing Real Learners, Turkey.

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Beyond Resilience – Laying the Foundations of an Education Young People Really Need

This talk will explore the boundaries of attributes widely recognised as being of good holistic learners (communication, collaboration, open-mindedness, resilience, etc.) and argue that there can be too much of a good thing. Focusing on resilience, we look at examples of when resilience is crucial, when it’s not enough and when it stands in the way of progress. We will look at an example in education where resilience is not enough and where it has seriously slowed our progress. The body of the talk will feature ways to address the latter by transforming approaches to education that are more in line with human nature. Attendees will be invited to take away an operational vision for education and, hopefully, a useful perspective of resilience with which to reflect on the conference theme.

Speaker Profile

Robert Thorn

Developing Real Learners, Turkey

Robert Thorn, Developing Real Learners, TurkeyRobert Thorn is an international educator and former principal with more than thirty years’ experience in various educational systems and cultural settings. He is a proponent of learner-development-centred approaches to education and is the Founding Director of Developing Real Learners – a non-profit organisation intent on helping schools develop learning communities that will, ‘through their own cultural perspectives, foster an approach to education that develops the holistic learner, leading to wise action and all within the current systems young people find themselves in.’ Robert’s message is one of communities transforming themselves and their approach to education through accessible and straightforward processes that rely on our common humanity and their own cultural perspectives. He is currently involved in projects in India, Pakistan, Singapore, Turkey and the Middle East.

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