Conference Dinner

ACE2023 Gala Dinner

Step outside the formal conference environment and immerse yourself in an evening designed to foster connections and cultivate insightful dialogues. The 15th Asian Conference on Education (ACE2023) proudly introduces its first Gala Dinner – a diverse, vibrant, and interactive gathering that extends discussion beyond the lecture halls.

This exclusive gathering, limited to 100 attendees, offers an enhanced platform to forge connections with fellow delegates, engage with the Conference Programme Committee, and interact with esteemed academics and professionals. Seize this opportunity to create lasting relationships and engage in meaningful conversation.

Important Information
Time & Date: Wednesday, November 22, 2023, 19:00-21:00
Availability: 100 persons
Ticket Price: 9,000 JPY

The Gala Dinner offers an opportunity to socialise with conference delegates while enjoying a good meal. A multi-dish buffet offers an array of traditional Japanese local cuisine interspersed with western favourites, ensuring a blend of familiar and new flavours. The dinner also includes a complimentary drinks service, adding a sparkling touch to the experience.

The Conference Programme Committee, plenary speakers, and a host of esteemed academics, professionals and ACE alumni from within Tokyo and Japan will be in attendance. Furthermore, IAFOR will be opening up ticketing to our wider academic network, meaning that this could be your chance to discuss your research and exchange ideas with a broader audience than within the conference itself. This unique mixture of attendees promises an evening of conversation, culture, and shared experiences.

ACE Gala Dinner Cultural Presentations

The evening promises an immersion into Japan's storied traditions through two distinct performances.




Rakugo: Classic Comedic Storytelling

The evening's entertainment begins with Rakugo, a cherished form of Japanese comedic storytelling. Unlike typical theatrical performances, Rakugo involves a solitary storyteller seated on a stage, artfully bringing multiple characters to life with minimalistic props and a vibrant narrative. These tales, rich with wit and insights into everyday life, are presented with impeccable timing and charisma.




Karate: Martial Arts Showcase

Complementing the nuanced artistry of Rakugo, the evening will transition into the realm of martial discipline with a Karate demonstration. Karate, deeply embedded in Japanese culture, is revered not just for its physical techniques but also its underlying philosophy of balance and self-discipline. Instead of merely displaying technical sequences, the student practitioners will be delivering a dynamic performance, embodying the essence and spirit of this martial art.

Together, these performances offer attendees a multifaceted glimpse into Japan's rich cultural traditions, emphasizing the unique blend of artistry and discipline that defines the nation.

The Gala Dinner at ACE2023 is more than an event; it's a dynamic platform to network, an exploration of cultural heritage, and a shared celebration of intellectual pursuits. It is an extension of the conference that goes beyond formal presentations, promising an evening of excitement and camaraderie.

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your conference experience with this once-in-a-lifetime evening. Secure your Gala Dinner ticket now and join us in shaping an unforgettable chapter of ACE2023.

Tickets for the Conference Dinner are available on the online store. Please visit the Registration page for more details.