Being Resilient: Finding Ways to Publish in Difficult Times

Back in March 2020, the IAFOR Journal of Education blog spoke about maintaining the impetus of writing and publishing, and its importance in academia. At that time, lock-downs were just starting and there was the same optimism as voiced in 1914: it’ll all be over by Christmas! It is now 18 months later and the end isn’t really in sight. Those in education have had to find new methods of delivery, and academics who research and publish have certainly had to develop strategies to maintain those all important accountability measures. So how has it been and can it be done? How can academics be resilient and continue to publish in difficult times?

In this forum discussion, the Executive Editor of the IAFOR Journal of Education will talk with members of the editorial and reviewing team who have met the challenge of continued publication. They will discuss the challenges and the strategies used to address these. For all those who struggle to maintain impetus in writing and publication, this forum may provide valuable insights into different ways of keeping focus.

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