Brian Aycock


Brian served in the US military during multiple overseas operations, then joined the Peace Corps to work on economic development in sub-Saharan Africa. Brian also managed the refugee employment department of a resettlement agency, assisting refugees as they arrive in the United States. He has published articles on economic development and underdevelopment, as well as refugee law in Japan, and most recently presented on issues of human security at the International Conference on Peace and Conflict, hosted by the University of Delhi (India).

His undergraduate work was completed in the United States before beginning postgraduate studies in economics at the University of Glasgow. In 2017, Brian went back to school to study refugee law, earning his MA (Distinction) in Refugee Protection from the University of London. Brian is currently pursuing his doctorate at the International Christian University (ICU) in Japan, and serving as an adjunct lecturer at Keisen University and Oberlin University. His current research interests are in international law, particularly refugee and human rights law, and he is conducting research into legal protections for persons displaced by climate change.

Panel Presentation (2020) | Educational Pathways for Refugees

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