The Future of Higher Education: Adapting to the New Normal Post-COVID

The disruption caused by COVID-19 created a global crisis in education. Higher education institutions were not prepared for this sudden and unexpected transition. Colleges and universities all over the world were forced to perform their day-to-day operations remotely from their homes, while teaching, learning and assessment shifted to hybrid or to fully online. Student engagement and extra-curricular activities were conducted through online portals which may have influenced student success.

At the same time, access to equal and quality education was a challenge to most students and faculty around the world during the pandemic due to a lack of resources. Educators, administrators, and policymakers were compelled to adopt creative and innovative techniques as well as new policies to ensure they are maintaining their missions and educational objectives.

This talk will focus on the current and future of education post-COVID-19 pandemic. Dr Al-Tamimi will share the experiences of higher education institutions in Qatar during the pandemic, how they were able to successfully overcome their challenges and provide his insights on the future of higher education in Qatar.

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