Pearl Subban


Dr Pearl Subban is a lecturer in Teacher Education at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. She is currently the Course Leader for the Master of Education program, and Acting Director of graduate programs. Pearl’s research interests are embedded within accommodating student diversity, and differentiated teaching & learning strategies to accommodate these needs. With over two decades in the education sector in both South Africa and Australia, Pearl is well-positioned to reflect on catering for additional student needs and on how teachers can diversify their programming to include all students. Emanating from a social justice perspective, Pearl’s main focus is on assisting learners in contemporary classrooms, utilising available resources to ensure that learning is relevant and personal. Pearl is an active researcher, and has been fortunate to work on funded research projects within Australia, dealing with marginalisation and social justice issues. Pearl currently teaches undergraduate and postgraduate programs, and offers support to in-service teachers through professional development units. Pearl’s approach to research is collaborative, and draws on assessment and appraisal from her peers to ensure that both research output and teaching contributions are effectively met. Prior to joining the higher education sector, Pearl enjoyed several years as a high school teacher, which became the platform for her current position as an educational researcher. She has subsequently presented papers and presentations at a range of national and international conferences. Her current portfolio includes the supervision of both master’s and doctoral students covering a range of global issues. Currently, as Course Leader of the Master of Education suite, she strives to facilitate equitable programs that accommodate a range of student needs. Pearl is on the Editorial Board for two major journals, using her knowledge, experience and skill to inform the contemporary field.

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