Reiko Yamada


Dr Reiko Yamada is a professor at the Faculty of Social Studies and Director of the Center for Higher Education and Student Research at Kyoto’s Doshisha University, Japan, where she was also the former dean of the Faculty of Social Studies. She received her MA and PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Education, in Social Sciences and Comparative Education. She has long been interested in comparative higher education policy in OECD countries. More recently, she has conducted a quantitative study for student development and is engaged in comparative student research between Japan, Korea and the United States. She served as the Director of the Center for Learning Support and Faculty of Development and Assistant Academic provost at Doshisha University. She also served on the committee of the Central Education Council in Japan. She was the first president of the Japanese Association of the First-Year Experience. She is the author of For the Quality Assurance of Undergraduate Education (Toshindo, 2012). She is also editor of Quality of Higher Education and its Evaluation: Japan and the World, (Toshindo, 2016).

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