President of IAFOR’s Inaugural Address: Resilience and Challenges in the New Normal

Ambassador Hoshino will deliver his inaugural address as the President of IAFOR, and will speak from his experience in both diplomacy and academia to the delegates of The 14th Asian Conference on Education (ACE2022).

He will speak about the importance of international collaboration and cooperation in addressing some of the most pressing problems facing humanity, from the climate crisis to the global pandemic, that are part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as the crucial role of formalised systems of education, and understanding our role in delivering sustainable solutions.

He will also shed light on his recent endeavour to promote the ESG movement; the environmental, social, and governance aspects in which various non-state actors in societies, businesses and institutions, including educational institutions, can be positive agents for change, especially in times of great political uncertainty and crisis.

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