Fostering Synergy in Asian Education: Bridging Gaps, Building Connections

This panel session aims to facilitate a dynamic discussion among leaders from diverse education networks across the region. The session will focus on the crucial importance of fostering collaboration and synergy among various stakeholders in the field of education, including school leadership and administration, faculty and teachers, ed tech providers, and education researchers. The panel will explore the potential of bridging gaps between these groups and creating platforms for meaningful connections. The session will delve into the need for stakeholders to consider and understand each other's perspectives, highlighting the potential for innovation, knowledge exchange, and enhanced educational practices that result in better learning outcomes for students. Moreover, the panel will emphasise the significance of learning from failures and discussing what may not work so well and why. By openly addressing challenges and examining the reasons behind ineffective strategies or initiatives, participants can collectively work towards improved solutions and outcomes. This interactive session aims to inspire participants to seek more opportunities to actively engage with diverse stakeholders, consider new approaches, and explore effective ways of collaboration for the betterment of education in Asia.

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