Writing a Good Grant Application: Mastering Significance, Innovation and Approach for Your Career

The ability to write, submit and administer research grants has become an increasingly vital role in developing an academic career. Funders seek good ideas and innovative approaches that enhance research designs, classroom pedagogies, student and professional growth, conference development and travel. The wide array of organisations representing potential funders can be summarised as federal or governmental awards, foundation or philanthropic awards, and private business awards. Typically structured as contracts, grants or gifts, these mechanisms have critical distinctions, often requiring very different deliverables and outcomes expectations. The mechanism will also impact the fungibility of the provided funds to accomplish the project goals.

This workshop will offer training, guidance, and opportunities to discuss grantsmanship as an integral part of the learning process and a critical element of academic advancement, as well as review identifying funders who best reflect research interests, interacting with funding agencies, and ways to build funding networks. The critical elements for developing a successful grant application and effectively budgeting requested funds will also be discussed. It will also offer time management tips for meeting deadlines and ensuring applicants have crossed all "t's" and dotted all "i's."

While the rules, expectations, and procedures for grant applications will vary internationally, organisationally and internally, the basics of grantsmanship all share commonalities regarding significance, innovation, and approach. Understanding and mastering these skills will enhance and expand an applicant's capacities as an instructor, mentor, and researcher.

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