An Analysis of Word Formation Processes in Select Philippine English Lexicon (73146)

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The increasing number of words and expressions added to the Philippine English lexicon shows the creativity and flexibility of Filipinos in building new meanings of words to fulfill their communication needs. This study examines the different word formation processes that led to the expansion of the Philippine English lexicon, and how Philippine English has incorporated unique Filipino linguistic features in its vocabulary, grammar, and discourse. Select words and phrases that are purposively sampled from a corpus of texts and speeches in social media were analyzed for their word formation processes and meanings. Findings show that Philippine English lexicon is constantly enriched by normal expansion through adaptation and extension of meaning, by a shift in form classes, the preservation of obsolete and archaic words, and forming new words by coinage through analogy, clipping, abbreviation, total innovations, and compounds. One crucial aspect in the process is that many of these words are introduced through social media, advertisements, and the internet. These words depict different fashion styles and trends in the Philippines and interesting insights into how our culture influences the formation of words. The study concludes that various word formation processes have contributed significantly to the array of the lexicon in our Philippine variety of English. Philippine English is dynamic and will continue to grow because speakers of the language are generally fond of inventing new, interesting, and vibrant words and expressions.

Shangrela Genon Sieras, Mindanao State University, Philippines

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Dr Shangrela Genon Sieras is a University Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer at Mindanao State University in Philippines

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