The Comparison of Memorization Skills and Its Mental and Emotional Influence Between Dancers and Musicians (73594)

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Thursday, 23 November 2023 16:15
Session: Undergraduate Poster Session (AURS)
Room: Room 701
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The art of memorization skills is one critical ability that completes the complexity of being a dancer and a musician. Constant challenges contribute to developing strong memorization skills in these artistic performers, yet the extent of similarity and difference between these groups remain debatable. This study compares the memorization skills between dancers and musicians while investigating how their memorization skills affect their mental and emotional state, thereby shaping their artistic performance. With a quantitative research design, this study used a Likert scale questionnaire with three sections (I. Memorization Skills, II. Emotional Effects, III. Mental Effects) to collect data online from a purposive non-probability sample of 30 participants aged 13-19. The collected data underwent three studies, where the first two studies analyzed the correlation between memorization skills and (1) emotional well-being; and (2) mental skills, while the third study focused on hypothesis testing. Through Spearman’s rank-order correlation Test, Study 1 revealed a p-value of .037, which indicates a significant relationship. Study 2 on the other hand, presented no significance with a p-value of .400. Furthermore, establishing a p-value of .500, Study 3 underwent a Two-sample t-Test and provided a conclusion of no significant difference in memorization skills between dancers and musicians.

Ronan Santos, Enderun Colleges, Philippines
Esther Enkhbayar, Enderun Colleges Senior High School, Philippines
Chevy Tan, Enderun Colleges Senior High School, Philippines
Nicole Lorraine Sagovac, Enderun Colleges Senior High School, Philippines

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Nicole Lorraine Sagovac, Chevy Klein Tan, and Esther Enkhbayar are students at Enderun Colleges, Philippines

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