Using the Novice – Expert Coaching Method to Encourage Engagement of Under-Represented Groups in Computer Programming (73673)

Session Information: Learning Experiences, Student Learning & Learner Diversity
Session Chair: Keith Miller

Friday, 24 November 2023 12:10
Session: Session 2
Room: Room 607
Presentation Type: Oral Presentation

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There is a well-documented problem in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM): the under-representation of various groups in professional STEM roles, and their prior under-representation in undergraduate STEM majors [1]. Based on our experiences in working with middle school African American girls in a summer STEM program, we propose using a pedagogical strategy we call “novice-expert pair coaching” to encourage all students to learn computer programming [2]. We think that this strategy will be particularly helpful for under-represented groups, and we think that learning to program can enable deeper engagement with all STEM disciplines.

This talk will describe the novice-expert pair coaching technique, and our experience with it. We will also detail how to put the strategy into practice, both in a face-to-face classroom, and in an online class. Finally, we will suggest that this strategy works best early in a students’ attempts to learn to code, and that it leads gracefully into students’ active learning after mastering the basics of programming. We are convinced that active learning is a particularly useful strategy for teaching programming to under-represented students.

Keith Miller, University of Missouri-St. Louis, United States
Fatemeh Mardi, Independent Scholar, United States

About the Presenter(s)
Professor Keith Miller is a University Professor/Principal Lecturer at University of Missouri-St. Louis in United States

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