A Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of a Growth Group Program for Empathy Training (73778)

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Empathy can be conceptualized as three components: cognitive capacity, emotional capacity, and expressive and communicative motive. A growth group program is designed to comprise these three components of empathy. Mu wave (8-13 Hz band) in human electroencephalography (EEG) is a signature of mirror neurons which involve in social functions such as empathy and theory of mind. This study aims to investigate whether a growth group can not only improve the knowledge and performance but also change the activity of the mirror neuron system. Among twenty-seven undergraduate students selected from a class of taking a general education course, fifteen students are randomly assigned to the experimental group to attend a growth group. Twelve students are randomly assigned to the control group to attend a regular psychology class. After ten times of meetings, both control and experimental groups receive the measures of an empathy scale and then EEG. Participants’ feeling and thoughts after the meeting were recorded for a qualitative analysis. The results show that the experimental group performs better than the control group on the testing scores of empathy scale. Mu wave suppression measured from Cz electrode site is significantly larger in the experimental group compared to the control group, indicating that mirror neurons are more active under the condition of self-movement in the experimental group. The qualitative data show that participants feel more confident with using empathic skills in their daily life.
The conclusion is that a growth group for empathy training can change the behavior and the brain to some extent.

Yi-Hsing Hsieh, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan

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Professor Yi-Hsing Hsieh is a University Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer at National Changhua University of Education in Taiwan

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