Contribution of Ergonomics in Designing Accessible Classroom for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in Indonesia: A Proposed Guideline (73938)

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Saturday, 25 November 2023 15:45
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For the past decade, several studies have been conducted in order to assess and confirm the impact of the physical classroom environment towards students’ learning effectiveness, including deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) students. Several principles of ergonomics have been gathered aiming to provide guidelines in building a classroom that serves DHH students’ needs. However, there is limited research on what needs to be considered when designing classrooms for DHH students in Indonesia. Looking at the fact that there are 2,270 special schools in Indonesia (Center for Data and Information Technology, Indonesian MoEC, 2020) with more than four classrooms used for DHH students in each school, a guideline which provides minimum requirement on designing classroom for DHH students is needed in order to ensure that the classroom would present positive impacts to the students’ academic progress, not hindering the process of learning.
This research aims to support academic progress of DHH high school students in Indonesia by providing inclusive classrooms using our proposed guideline synthesized from a systematic review of 12 academic papers. In the guideline, the first principle is to prioritize the comfort of the students, which is crucial for their psychological safety leading to engagement in class. The second principle is to enable them to function optimally as students. This proposed guideline places emphasis on resource availability, enabling teachers to implement it in accordance with the specific requirements of DHH students within the classroom setting.

Fiodesy Gemilang Putri, Independent Scholar, Indonesia
Made Sania Saraswati, Independent Scholar, Indonesia

About the Presenter(s)
Fiodesy Gemilang Putri is a UX Researcher at GovTech Edu, building user-centric digital products to help education ecosystem in Indonesia. Currently, she is also preparing for her PhD with a focus on visual attention strategies for DHH students.

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