MetaClass: Success Factors for Optimizing the Metaverse Environment in Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development in Malaysia (73949)

Session Information: Nurturing Creativity & Innovation: New, Innovative & Radical Education
Session Chair: Nor Fadzleen binti Sa don

Thursday, 23 November 2023 19:00
Session: Session 6
Room: Room 708
Presentation Type: Oral Presentation

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The Metaverse, a virtual reality environment consisting of interconnected digital spaces, is gaining traction as an innovative and immersive learning experience in lifelong learning. In the context of teachers' continuous professional development (CPD), Metaverse is still a novel concept which has huge potentials for enhancing teachers’ professionalism in the digital age. This paper studies the impacts of the Metaverse on teachers' CPD via MetaClass, an immersive 3-D learning space in a virtual realm. It is created via, an immersive shared AR platform which integrates realistic simulations, collaborative activities, and experiential learning modules. Drawing upon the constructivist learning theory, this study aims to see how MetaClass which offers immersive features integrates the principles of experiential and innovative learning in enhancing professional development. It encourages teachers to explore, experiment, and reflect on their teaching practices, fostering a deeper understanding of pedagogical concepts and instructional strategies. Through cognitive search, this study aims to investigate how teachers in Malaysia can effectively navigate and retrieve relevant educational resources within the Metaverse. By employing user experience (UX) testing, the researchers will evaluate the usability, intuitiveness, and overall user satisfaction of the Metaverse as a CPD tool. Insights from the cognitive search and UX testing will lead to identifying success factors in optimising the Metaverse environment for teachers' continuous professional development. The findings of this study will contribute to the growing body of research on the integration of immersive technologies for innovative CPD in Malaysia and beyond.

Nor Fadzleen binti Sa don, English Language Teaching Centre, Ministry of Education Malaysia, Malaysia

About the Presenter(s)
Dr Nor Fadzleen binti Sa don is a Civil Servant at English Language Teaching Centre, Ministry of Education Malaysia. in Malaysia

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