Use of Graphic Novels in Improving English Reading Comprehension Skills of Senior High School Learners (73973)

Session Information: Language Development & Literacy
Session Chair: Odonchimeg Tumee

Friday, 24 November 2023 09:50
Session: Session 1
Room: Room 608
Presentation Type: Oral Presentation

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Reading is an essential and vital language skill and is crucial for learning. It forms the foundation where other language skills, including writing, listening, and speaking are developed. Consequently, improving learners’ reading comprehension has been the subject of much research given learners’ poor performance in this skill as shown in international and national assessments. This mixed-method study gauged the effectiveness of graphic novels as instructional materials in improving learners’ reading comprehension and their response to their use as instructional material. Utilizing a quasi-experimental research design, 4 Grade 11 classes were randomly assigned as the control and experiment groups. The control groups were exposed to a full-text version of a novel while the experimental groups were exposed to a graphic novel. Mean and Standard Deviation were used to determine the learners’ reading comprehension levels in the pre-test and post-test and determine how dispersed the scores were. Paired sample t-test was employed to determine the significant differences between learners’ pre-test and post-test reading comprehension levels. A focus group discussion was also conducted to gather qualitative data on learners’ perceptions of the effects of the use of graphic novels in improving their reading comprehension. Key informant interview was also employed to collect the teacher’s insights on the use of graphic novels. Results showed a significant difference in learners’ reading comprehension levels when graphic novels were used as instruction materials. The teacher and the learners also had positive perceptions of the use of graphic novels as instruction material in improving English reading comprehension.

Claide Kinneth Saludar, Bernardo D. Carpio National High School, Philippines

About the Presenter(s)
Claide Kinneth A. Saludar is a public/government Senior High School Teacher of the Dept. of Education of the Republic of the Philippines-Bernardo D. Carpio Nat'l High School teaching Creative Writing, Non-Fiction, and Research.

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