Comparison of Entrepreneurship Education in the Vocational Education and Training for Disables Between South Korea and Finland (74760)

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Session Chair: Jhoanna Andrea De Leon

Thursday, 23 November 2023 16:40
Session: Session 5
Room: Room 603
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People with disabilities, constituting 15% of the world's population, represent the largest ethnic minority group. Despite being legitimate citizens of society, individuals with disabilities are often neglected in their needs, and excluded in educational and training opportunities. Although Vocational Education and Training (VET) policies for persons with disabilities have received international attentions, there is insufficient scholarly and practical discussion on how different countries implement and facilitate VET for people with disabilities from comparative educational perspective. The purpose of this study is to compare entrepreneurship education for persons with disabilities in Korea and Finland, to analyze the differences between government-led and civil society-led education systems through the framework of Inclusive Entrepreneurship Education for person with Disabilities ([IEEPD] Kruger & David, 2020). We reviewed periodic government reports, websites and flyers, and publications from both government and transnational organizations on administrative structure, history, and regulations of each country. Then we systematically examined ten government published reports on comprehensive plan and employment promotion for the people with disabilities published between 1998 and 2022 with IEEPD framework. An analysis reveals five differences in policy approaches for people with disabilities between Korean and Finish in their goals and objectives, operations, and teacher education. The study emphasizes the need to re-evaluate VET policies for individuals with disabilities from government-led and civil society driven models to better serve changing social needs for diversity and inclusion. This paper is the first step to fill the gap in knowledge on VET for people with disabilities between Asia and Nordic countries.

Youngjoon Kim, Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies (aSSIST), South Korea
Jinhee Choi, aSSIST University, South Korea

About the Presenter(s)
Mr YOUNGJOON KIM is a University Doctoral Student at a Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies(aSSIST) in South Korea

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