Implementing Sustainability and Resilience into the Undergraduate Engineering Curriculum (74955)

Session Information: Teaching Experiences, Pedagogy, Practice & Praxis
Session Chair: Zuokun Li

Friday, 24 November 2023 13:40
Session: Session 3
Room: Room 703
Presentation Type: Oral Presentation

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This study investigates faculty’s use of instructional strategies for implementing resilience and sustainability into undergraduate engineering curricula, the most important aspects of and the most important applications of resilience and sustainability for students, and the challenges and issues associated with such implementation from different engineering disciplines. Results from the interviews with faculty showed that faculty used various instructional strategies to integrate resilience and sustainability into their existing curriculum. General discussions on the concepts, applying the principles of the concepts or project-based learning, and inviting experts as guest speakers, were the top three strategies used to introduce sustainability and resilience. Across disciplines, faculty members consider practicality, the triple bottom line principle, and liability and environmental issues to be the most important aspects of sustainability for their students. Similarly, faculty members consider resiliency and rapidity or time recovery to be the most important aspects of resilience for students. Time constraint on the faculty’s side for implementing such concepts was the major challenge for implementing resilience and sustainability. In addition, packed curricula, struggles in finding the right strategy, students’ lack of motivation to learn about the concepts, as well as difficulty in teaching such concepts in introductory courses are also identified as major challenges. This study provides insights into the successful implementation of resilience and sustainability into undergraduate engineering curricula for researchers and practitioners from multiple engineering disciplines. Future studies regarding the documentation of various instructional strategies and the applications of resilience and sustainability in different engineering disciplines are recommended.

Dazhi Yang, Boise State University, United States
Bhaskar Chittoori, Boise State University, United States

About the Presenter(s)
Professor Dazhi Yang is a University Professor/Principal Lecturer at Boise State University in United States

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