Images As Catalysts: A Pedagogical Exercise Enhancing Writing Skills for First-Year PhD Design Students at the University of Porto (75210)

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Session Chair: Yu Chun Liu

Saturday, 25 November 2023 12:20
Session: Session 2
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This paper introduces a pedagogical exercise that employs images as catalysts to facilitate the writing process for first-year PhD Design students at the University of Porto. The exercise pursues two fundamental objectives: firstly, to aid students in refining their research scope into a manageable territory, and secondly, to empower them to articulate the boundaries and intersections of their research, ultimately kickstarting their writing endeavors.
The study has been carried out in the context of classes comprising approximately 10 students who were applying design methodologies to address problems beyond the traditional design realm, encompassing areas such as medical equipment and communication design. These students were in their first year and engaged in the discipline of Research Methodologies, this exercise served as a valuable tool to enhance their writing abilities.
The exercise's significance arises from the acknowledged challenge design students encounter when attempting to articulate their thoughts in writing. Their cognitive processes are inherently visual, and they often interact with knowledge primarily through images. In the context of writing a PhD thesis, where proficient writing skills are a prerequisite, these images serve as catalysts and gateways to the writing process.
The study employed a comprehensive methodology that involved retrospective observation, visual analysis, and interviews with the participating students. The anticipated outcome of this research is the development of a model for effectively conducting this pedagogical exercise, with the intention of aiding future design students in honing their writing skills by leveraging visual analysis as a valuable tool.

Susana Barreto, University of Porto, Portugal

About the Presenter(s)
Professor Susana Barreto is a University Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer at University of Porto in Portugal

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