Empowering Pre Service Training Programs: Optimizing Cooperating Teacher Engagement in Teacher Education (75267)

Session Information: Professional Training, Development & Concerns in Education
Session Chair: A. Michael Riskus

Saturday, 25 November 2023 10:00
Session: Session 1
Room: Room B (Live Stream)
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This aimed to establish the implementation of the pre-service education program, identify the perceptions of cooperating teachers on the readiness and instructional competence of pre-service teachers; the level of personal relationships and reflective mentoring practices and the best practices of the teacher education institution. The research utilized a mixed method involving survey to gather specific data with open ended questions for free responses on the different aspects. A focus group discussion complemented the results and justify the data that need clarifications.

The result was a much implemented Pre-service Training Program and no significant difference on their perceptions, the views of the pre-service teachers differ significantly on specialization attributing on the fact that pre-service teachers are in their initial period of exposure in the field.

On the readiness, the pre-service teacher respondents are expected to perform during their training period and there is no significant difference on the level of readiness of the pre-service teachers except on Instructional Skills, although, rated as ready, the student-participants are evidently on the initial phase of trying out these skills into the actual classroom applications.

Reflective mentoring practices are very much manifested and there is no significant difference on their perceptions of both respondents. Provisions of performance feedback was perceived to be the most needed aspect throughout the training. The components of the proposed designs of possible projects to address the instructional competency enhancement and specifically addressing the preparation of the Pre-service program through the creation of the University Guidebook for the Teacher Education Program.

Julieta Fulgado, University of Rizal System, Philippines

About the Presenter(s)
Julieta Fulgado, Ph.D., handles professional education and English subjects; serving as a supervising teacher to pre-service teachers in the University of Rizal System, Phillippines; engages in research outputs focusing on Teacher Education Program.

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