Exploring the Undergraduate Students’ Understandings of Nature of Science in Taiwan (75284)

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Wednesday, 22 November 2023 15:45
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Room: Orion Hall
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Understanding the nature of science has always been one of the indicators used in the scientific education to assess whether a student possesses scientific literacy. The purpose of this plan was to survey the university students’ understandings of nature of science in the context of nano-technology in Taiwan. The study utilized online convenient sampling to recruit undergraduate students from universities located in the southern part of Taiwan. The NOS questionnaire comprises four consensus aspects of NOS: Imagery and creativity in science, the tentative knowledge in science, the limitation of evidence, and multiple interpretation of evidence. The results indicated that non-science (NS) majors scored significantly higher than science(S) majors in imagery and creativity in science. On the other hand, S majors had significantly scores than NS majors in multiple interpretation of evidence. There were no significant differences in tentative knowledge in science, and the limitation of evidence between the two majors. As for qualitative data, NS majors tended to mention that the scientists usually apply imagination and creativity in inquiry process to develop new theories, methods and products. S majors inclined to point out that scientists can interpret the same results and evidence from different perspectives. The implications for NOS instruction and curriculum design were discussed.

Shu-Sheng Lin, National Chiayi University, Taiwan

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Professor Shu-Sheng Lin is a University Professor/Principal Lecturer at National Chiayi University in Taiwan

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