Research on Self-Concept and Altruistic Behavior of College Students Serving as Boyo Tutors (75871)

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Wednesday, 22 November 2023 15:45
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This study aims to investigate the impact of college students serving as remedial tutors for Boyo on their self-concept and altruistic behavior. Employing a qualitative research methodology, utilizing interviews, literature review, classroom observations, and document analysis, the study was conducted over a period of 16 weeks at one of Boyo's remedial tutoring locations, specifically Providence University. Through the exploration of the motivations, training processes, challenges encountered during participation, and strategies for self-adaptation of four Providence University students serving as teaching assistants, the study analyzes the influence of their practical actions on self-concept and altruistic behavior. The following conclusions are drawn:
1.The motivations of college students serving as teaching assistants are influenced by factors such as the convenience of the environment, family, teachers, exploration of future career paths, and economic considerations.
2.The experience of college students serving as teaching assistants influences their self-adaptation process. Feedback from students, classroom challenges, and personal growth experiences contribute to enhancing their altruistic behavior, self-reflective abilities, problem-solving skills, and self-overcoming.
3.During the teaching process as teaching assistants, college students feel the significance of their role through feedback from the assisted students. This leads to a reevaluation of their self-perception, attitudes, behaviors, and values, contributing to the strengthening of their self-concept.

Hui-Ju Pai, Providence University, Taiwan
Yu- Fei Chen, Da-Dun Elementary School, Taiwan

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Ms Hui-Ju Pai is a University Assistant Professor/Lecturer at Providence University in Taiwan

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