Unveiling Parental Perspectives: Determinants of Behavioral Intentions and Usage Behaviors in Ubiquitous Learning During Crises (75973)

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This study investigated the determinants shaping the behavioral intentions and usage behaviors of parents from a private primary school in Samutprakarn, Thailand, towards ubiquitous learning (u-learning). Employing a quantitative approach, the research engaged 500 participants through an online survey questionnaire. The research design adopted a non-probability sampling technique. Prior to deployment, the questionnaire underwent validation and reliability checks through Item-Objective Congruence and pilot testing.

Analyzing the data involved Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The study's outcomes unveiled that the perception of usefulness significantly influenced both attitude and the behavioral intention to engage with u-learning. Furthermore, the ease of effort directly impacted the willingness to adopt technology. Notably, behavioral intention played a pivotal role in driving the actual usage behaviors within the realm of ubiquitous learning. In contrast, factors such as perceived ease of use, performance expectancy, social influence, and attitude were deemed insignificant.

Given the dominance of perceived usefulness as the primary driver in technology acceptance, closely trailed by effort expectancy, the study underscores the importance for technology developers, curriculum designers, and educators to integrate these facets when crafting effective strategies and u-learning systems suitable for primary school learners, especially during crises. This research sheds light on the intricate dynamics that influence parental attitudes and behaviors in adopting u-learning practices, offering valuable insights for optimizing educational approaches in times of upheaval.

Ghea Tenchavez, Assumption University, Thailand
Somsit Duang-Ek-Anong, Assumption University, Thailand

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Ms Ghea Tenchavez is a University Doctoral Student at Assumption University in Thailand

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