Development of a Java Source Code Analyzer for Learning Support that Runs in a Web Browser (75985)

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Wednesday, 22 November 2023 15:45
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Room: Orion Hall
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In computer programming education, students learn by doing various source code writing exercises. Students make various mistakes in the process of practicing computer programming. For this reason, we have developed a source code analyzer, which evaluates the source code submitted by students from compilation to execution on a teacher's PC. The tool can identify misspellings in the method names of source code and can judge the compiling and execution results. However, because the tool was developed to run on a teacher's PC, it does not easily fit into the format of general programming learning sites. The use of a programming learning site is advantageous in that it allows students to learn programming without having to build a programming environment. However, programming languages other than those that run in the client browser, such as JavaScript, must be compiled and evaluated on the server side, placing a heavy burden on the server side of the programming learning site. Therefore, we decided to use a method of running the developed tools on the client side by using a Java Virtual Machine that runs as JavaScript in the browser. As a result, we confirmed that the basic functionality of the tool runs on the browser and outputs evaluation results. The basic functionality of the tool outputs the results of spelling errors in class names and method names, coding style, compilation results, and execution results for source code written in Java.

Tatsuyuki Takano, Kanto Gakuin University, Japan
Takashi Kohama, Tokyo Denki University, Japan
Osamu Miyakawa, Tokyo Denki University, Japan

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Dr Tatsuyuki Takano is a University Assistant Professor/Lecturer at Kanto Gakuin University in Japan

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