The Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Higher Educational Attainment in Hanoi (Vietnam) (76000)

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Wednesday, 22 November 2023 15:45
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This study investigates the intricate connections between financial circumstances and academic accomplishments in the realm of higher education, with a specific lens on Hanoi, Vietnam. By thoroughly examining how economic factors steer students' academic journeys, this research sheds light on the unique challenges and prospects prevalent within this regional context.
Through an analysis of localized datasets, in-depth interviews, and case studies, this research seeks to uncover the intricate mechanisms through which financial status molds educational inequalities among higher education students in Hanoi. It examines how variations in income levels, parental educational backgrounds, and access to resources impact students' access to quality higher education, academic performance, and career prospects.
Moreover, this research investigates the role of cultural and societal factors unique to Hanoi that intersect with socioeconomic status to influence educational outcomes. It aims to pinpoint the obstacles hindering underprivileged students from enrolling and excelling in higher education, and explores potential strategies to foster equity and leveled opportunities.
Centered specifically on Hanoi's higher education landscape, this study aims to furnish tangible insights for local educational decision-makers, institutions, and stakeholders. Ultimately, its aspiration lies in contributing actionable insights for targeted measures that can bridge existing gaps and cultivate an academic environment where students of all backgrounds can flourish, thereby propelling sustainable advancement within both the educational framework and the wider community.

Tram Nguyen, VinUniversity, Vietnam
Ngan Do, FPT University, Vietnam
Phuong Nong, VinUniversity, Vietnam

About the Presenter(s)
Ms Tram Nguyen is a School Administrator at VinUniversity in Vietnam

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