A Silent Epidemic in South Korea: The Unspoken Agony of Sexual Violence Against Foreign Women and Strategies for Combatting It (76074)

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Session Chair: Jhoanna Andrea De Leon

Thursday, 23 November 2023 16:15
Session: Session 5
Room: Room 603
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This study investigates the extent to which systemic structures in South Korea affect the prevalence, reporting, and redressal of sexual violence incidents involving foreign women and proposes solutions to address this issue. According to statistics, every hour, there are 3.4 reported cases of sexual crimes against women. Yet, an estimated 78% of women keep their attacks hidden. Despite nearly one million foreign women residing in Korea as of 2020, the National Women's Hotline, Danuri, received 55 calls from foreign women the entire year regarding sexual violence. These numbers indicate significant under-reporting.
This research closely follows five anonymous women who retell their struggles of facing sexual assault and its impact. Incorporating a mixed-methods approach, including evidence from interviews, news articles, reviews, journals, and the Korean Statistical Information Service, this research found significant barriers. The information suggests that systemic factors, including language differences, cultural norms, bureaucratic processes, and existing laws, profoundly affect the reporting and perceptions of sexual violence. All interviewees expressed feeling 'doubly silenced' due to a lack of language suitable resources, reports often leading to vengeance indictments from the alleged assailant, poor handling from authorities, visa loss, or deportation in some cases. The findings emphasize the urgent need for systemic reforms and accessible educational resources, like infographics and videos, to aid victims. Derived products from this research include a mini docu-series and educational infographics.

Shakerra Bartley, University of Utah, South Korea

About the Presenter(s)
Shakerra, an MPH student at the University of Utah in Korea, delves into the effects of sexual violence on foreign/migrant women in South Korea. Her work illuminates the intersection of gender, migration, and violence towards a more equitable society

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