The Integration of Error Correction Codes in Five Introductory Writing Classes (76085)

Session Information: Foreign Languages Education: Teaching, Assessment, and Development
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Saturday, 25 November 2023 12:45
Session: Session 2
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Effective teacher feedback on second language writing cannot begin and end with surface error correction. However, many students equate ‘good’ writing with error free writing and see any attempt on their part to fix their errors as a way, and at times the only way, to improve their writing. Hence, instructors and students often hold contrasting opinions about ‘improvement’ in the context of the second language writing classroom.
This presentation focuses on students’ use of error correction feedback across five sections of an introductory writing class taught in Spring 2023. I highlight the corrections made by students as well as those ignored or overlooked based on the error correction sheet that was provided and discussed. While some students revised and edited their writing by incorporating both error correction and narrative feedback, others focused solely on amending those errors related to form and not content.
What constitutes improvement in writing therefore remains a topic of discussion. The findings – in the form of final assessment grades – show that even for students who only attempt to ‘fix all their mistakes’, there was a retention of some of these concepts, evidenced on the writing portion of the final exam. One tentative conclusion is that this is due to students’ semester long practice of self-correction in addition to revision. Secondly, by having students complete a portion of their writing assignments in class, they are able to more actively process language structures and internalize linguistic patterns (Swain, 1985).

Ann-Marie Simmonds, Rabdan Academy, United Arab Emirates

About the Presenter(s)
Dr Ann-Marie Simmonds is a University Assistant Professor/Lecturer at Rabdan Academy in United Arab Emirates

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