Representation of Entrepreneur in Japanese TV Drama (76165)

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Thursday, 23 November 2023 16:15
Session: Undergraduate Poster Session (AURS)
Room: Room 701
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Amid intensifying social issues like declining birthrates and an aging population, entrepreneurs are attracting more expectations and attention as part of potential solutions. Analyzing how entrepreneurs have been depicted in Japanese TV dramas over time can elucidate connections between media representations of entrepreneurs and broader social and cultural trends. The originality of the subject matter and uniqueness of methodology give this research its distinctiveness and significance. To my knowledge, no existing research analyzes media portrayals of entrepreneurs, a globally prominent figure, in Japan, where nurturing venture businesses is considered difficult. This study examines representations of entrepreneurs in Japanese TV dramas from 2000 to present, before and after 2005 when Livedoor's attempted takeover of Fuji TV brought major attention to entrepreneurs and startups in Japan. By revealing how depictions of entrepreneurs have evolved, this research attempts to elucidate linkages between media portrayals and sociocultural contexts surrounding entrepreneurs. The novelty lies in applying media representation analysis to understand entrepreneurs in Japanese society. Tracing changing media representations over two decades offers an innovative window into how entrepreneurs gained prominence despite presumed difficulties fostering startups in Japan. This historically-grounded media narrative analysis promises new insights on entrepreneurs, media, and culture.

Kaho Taguchi, Musashino University, Japan
Hiroya Takamatsu, Musashino University, Japan

About the Presenter(s)
Ms Kaho Taguchi is a University Undergraduate Student at Musashino of university in Japan

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