Thailand’s Next Generation Hope for a Better Country: What Do They Expect from the New Administration? (76287)

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Thursday, 23 November 2023 16:15
Session: Undergraduate Poster Session (AURS)
Room: Room 701
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Following a tumultuous election season in Thailand this year, the country is on the brink of welcoming a fresh administration along with a new prime minister. The voter turnout surpassed 75.71%, marking the highest participation rate in the last ten years. A significant portion of this turnout was composed of Millennials and Gen Zs, who made their voices heard through their votes. Their resounding endorsement favored the notably progressive Move Forward Party, while simultaneously expressing a clear rejection of the traditional conservative and military establishments. Despite the public's unmistakable stance, the journey towards establishing the new government has been marred by challenges and irregularities, leading to a result that does not align with the choice of the Thai populace. This discrepancy stems from the Thai constitution's provision that the governing party is determined by the largest coalition formed within the national assembly, not necessarily the party that won the democratic electoral process. Consequently, Thailand finds itself with a new administration that lacks the endorsement of the majority of voters. This situation prompts the question of what the Thai citizens anticipate from this new government over the next four years and what vision they hold for the future of their nation. This study will delve deeply into the intricacies of the recent election, investigating how Thailand navigated its way into the current political turmoil, and will explore the aspirations and ideas that the Thai people have for their newly established administration.

Casey Akagawa, Musashino University, Japan

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Mr Casey Akagawa is a University Undergraduate Student at Musashino University in Japan

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