Comparing Relevance of PTOs and Vacations to the Employees’ Productivity in Japan and Overseas (76289)

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Thursday, 23 November 2023 16:15
Session: Undergraduate Poster Session (AURS)
Room: Room 701
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This study includes the relevance of paid time off (PTOs) and vacations in relation to employee productivity, focusing on a comparative analysis between Japan and overseas locations respectively. Recognizing the significance of work-life balance and employee well-being, the research aims to investigate how these two forms of time off influence employee productivity in distinct cultural and organizational contexts.

This study intends to find parallels and variations in the effects of PTOs and vacations on employee productivity in Japan and abroad by a thorough analysis of academic literature, cross-cultural studies, and empirical data. The data implies that the primary reasons for taking PTO across both Japan and other countries include going on vacation, recuperating well-being, and personal experiences. The emphasis on using PTO before expiry appears to be more prevalent in Japan compared to other countries.

The study's conclusions shed light on the potential advantages and drawbacks of paid time off (PTO) and vacations by highlighting how these policies may affect productivity, drive, job satisfaction, and general health of employees. The study also considers the implications for productivity enhancement and the promotion of work-life balance as it explores the role of organizational policies and practices in facilitating effective use of time off. The findings have implications for employers, decision-makers, and human resource specialists when developing strategies and policies that maximize the use of PTOs and vacations, thereby promoting employee productivity and well-being in a variety of work environments.

Benedict Margarejo, Musashino University, Japan
Tasnim Jannat Ramia, Musashino University, Japan

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Mr Benedict Margarejo is a University Undergraduate Student at Musashino University in Japan

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