Framing for Impact: Using Rhetorical Devices for Making Effective Speeches (76312)

Session Information: Foreign Languages Education & Applied Linguistics (including ESL/TESL/TEFL)
Session Chair: Sawaros Jaiprasong

Thursday, 23 November 2023 13:15
Session: Session 3
Room: Room 707
Presentation Type: Oral Presentation

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A commonly identified behavioural skill in effective leadership communication is framing. This is identified on the basis of linguistic and paralinguistic elements that define and align with the leadership goals of the organisation and the associated individuals. Consequently, in this study the teacher-researcher endeavours to identify the tenets of framing that are easiest to integrate in a prepared speech after providing the necessary instructions. Data was collected from 116 students of an executive MBA programme as part of their managerial communication course. After receiving detailed instructions participants undertook the speech writing task. Some of the components that were observed in their speeches included their ability to amplify their beliefs, values, mission statement, identify antagonists to the mission, and efficacy of the mission itself. The speeches were also analysed for the use of rhetorical devices such as the use of ethos, pathos, and logos; using speech techniques like repetition, rhythm, balance and alliteration. To further test the effectiveness of the framed speech, the participants presented them under testing conditions. These were video recorded and then analysed using a variety of parameters such as manner of speaking, the language used, delivery of the content, intonation used, the pace of speaking, adherence to the pre-decided time, body language (gestures, eye contact, facial expressions), word per minute count and so on. The findings of the study have implications for teachers providing instruction in the area of writing and delivering framed speeches that form an integral part of effective leadership communication.

Shravasti Chakravarty, XLRI Delhi-NCR, India

About the Presenter(s)
Dr Shravasti Chakravarty is a University Assistant Professor/Lecturer at XLRI Delhi-NCR in India

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