“Education, Power and Empowerment: Transcending Boundaries”

October 21–25, 2015 | Art Center of Kobe, Kobe, Japan

The Asian Conference on Education 2015 (ACE2015), incorporating the inaugural ACE Undergraduate Research Symposium 2015 (ACEURS2015), was held alongside The Asian Conference on Society, Education & Technology (ACSET2015) from Wednesday, October 21 – Sunday, October 25, 2015 at the Art Center of Kobe, Japan. This year’s conference enabled a wonderful union of interdisciplinary study around the joint conference theme of “Education, Power and Empowerment: Transcending Boundaries”, and provided the opportunity for delegates to pursue further research synergies and share in what was a truly global discussion.

As with our previous ACE/ACSET events, IAFOR was particularly fortunate to have a number of leading international experts within the education sector who brought with them a diversity and range of educational experiences and contexts, that inspired ideas and engagement from the delegates. IAFOR would like to thank Professor Eiko Kato-Otani, President of Osaka Jogakuin University, Japan, our ACE/ASCET2015 Keynote Speaker, Professor Tien-Hui Chiang (ACE2015 Featured Speaker & Featured Panel Chair) of the Graduate Institute of Educational Leadership and Evaluation, University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, Dr. Myles Chilton (ACE2015 Featured Speaker) of Nihon University, Japan, Dr. Yvonne Masters (ACE2015 Featured Speaker), Senior Lecturer in Professional Classroom Practice at the University of New England, Australia, and Dr. Jose McClanahan (ACE2015 Future Researchers Symposium Chair & Featured Speaker), Associate Professor of Spanish at Creighton University, USA. It was great to also introduce to our IAFOR audiences our two ACE2015 Spotlight Speakers, Dr. Lucy Bailey from the University of Nottingham, Malaysia, and Professor Craig Sower from Shujitsu University, Japan.

At our Japan-based IAFOR events we have always placed great importance on introducing cultural arts and practices into our events, and this year we were fortunate to be able to introduce a Featured Karate Demonstration into our programme. IAFOR would like to thank Sensei Marc Waterfield, Sensei Toshio Yagi and Sensei Hiroshi Nishioka from the All Japan Chito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation, as well as the expert teachers and students from Osaka’s Nishioka Dojo, who practice the Chito-Ryu form of the Japanese martial art.

The ongoing contribution and leadership provided by our Conferences Chairs and the Local Kansai Conference Committee is greatly appreciated by the IAFOR Advisory Board and the IAFOR management team. We would like to personally thank the following 2015 Co-Chairs, International Programme Directors and Local Kansai Conference Committee: Professor Sue Jackson, Professor Michiko Nakano, Professor Barbara Lockee, Professor Jose McClanahan, Professor Keith Miller, Professor Steve Cornwell, Dr. Robert Logie and IAB Chair Professor Stuart Picken, for their continuing support, guidance and expertise in making our 2015 Education Conferences a continuing success.