Aki Yamada


Aki is currently an Assistant Professor at Tamagawa University, Japan. Her research interests include globalisation, contemporary Asian immigration, transnational identity, STEM & STEAM education, and internationalisation of higher education. She has published several comparative studies on higher education trends in Japan and the United States. Aki co-edited New Directions of STEM Research and Learning in the World Ranking Movement: A Comparative Perspective, published by Palgrave MacMillan as part of its International and Development Education series – a series for which John Hawkins, Reiko Yamada, and W. James Jacob served as co-editors. She has also published "Japanese Higher Education: the Need for STEAM in Society 5.0, an Era of Societal and Technological Fusion" in the Journal of Comparative and International Higher Education, 2021, and three book chapters on "Globalisation in Higher Education: Bridging Global and Local Education'' (Springer 2022, International Handbook of Globalisation, Education and Policy Research), "Globalisation and Higher Education Reform in Japan: Pre and Post Covid-19" (Springer 2022, Discourses of Globalization and Higher Education Reforms: Emerging Paradigms), "STEM Field Demand and Educational Reform in Asia-Pacific Countries'' (The Oxford Handbook of Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region).

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