Tien-Hui Chiang


Distinguished Professor Tien-Hui Chiang is the Vice President of RC04 (Sociology of Education) of International Sociological Association, UNESCO, a member of the Constitutional Standing Committee of the World Congress of Comparative Education Societies UNESCO and the International Distinguished Professor of University of Crete, Greece. He was a Fulbright Senior Scholar, visiting at UW-Madison, Wisconsin, USA, Guest Professor at Beijing Normal University and is the Ex-President of the Taiwan Association for Sociology of Education. His specialty covers sociology of education, globalization and education policy, sociology of curriculum, teaching profession and comparative education. He has written over 100 essays. He was the co-editor of Cross Education Dialogue, Crisis in Education and Interculturalism. He was also a contributor to Elite, Privileges and Excellence edited by Professor S. Ball. His outstanding academic achievements have awarded Professor Chiang many prizes, such as the Distinguished Scholar of the Ministry of Education, Taiwan. He is the editor of International Journal of Educational Research and Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, and a section editor of the Springer Encyclopedia: Educational Philosophy and Theories and the Springer Encyclopedia: Teacher Education.

Keynote Presentation (2018) | Teacher Competences Function as the Discourse of International Competitiveness within the Institutionalized Milieu in the Epoch of Globalization

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