Mental Health in Action: Strategies to Build Teacher and Student Capacity

Mental health of teachers and students has been a growing concern in recent years even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the tangible side effects of the pandemic is its negative impact on teachers’ and students’ mental health. Teachers experienced difficulties in using technology for online classes and were unsatisfied with the administrative support for online education. In addition, the number of online lectures and the preparation time have increased, which resulted in a huge workload, stress, and anxiety. The stresses and restrictions associated with the pandemic have also put students at greater risk of developing mental health issues, which drastically decreased their academic success, their social interactions, as well as their future career and personal opportunities. Regardless of how long or short a time the current pandemic lasts, the normal in education is unlikely to return anytime soon. The pandemic led to a change in the educational system, ranging from delivery mode to shifting to a new paradigm moving to digital and hybrid solutions. This forum discussion will identify strategies to address mental health challenges and promote well-being among teachers and students. For all those who are struggling with mental health issues, the discussion will provide valuable insights into various ways of capacity building in the new normal of education.

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